Home Care

Our Commitment To Our Members

Thank you for joining our club!
We’re happy to see that you put your trust in us and can rely on us to service your needs. HMC was started 30 years ago here in Toronto, Ontario as a need based service that everyone could enjoy.
The reason we do what we do is to bring peace of mind to every member knowing that their home’s health is as important as their own. We take home services seriously. We here at HMC look forward to helping you as we did many other Canadians across our great nation. Your repairs around the house are important to us and we feel that you shouldn’t have to put up with it, let us deal with it while you sleep easy at night.
We look forward to having you in our club and hope you find the benefits and features of this club beneficial. Please tell your family and friends as well so we can continue to grow our services base and extend thousands of dollars of savings to your loved ones.
Thank you,